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My Latest Book: Completely Ambered

Jamison Warzinski had a crush on Amber since middle school. When Jay starts his first job at the burger joint, Amber becomes his mentor. She’s quirky and fun, with just a hint of a dark side; a romance blossoms. Jay’s best friend, Cade, sees the red flags. He tries to warn him, but Jay’s heart refuses to listen. Several months into the relationship, Jay and Amber’s feelings have escalated—no more waiting. Their precautions fail, and the pregnancy test is positive. Amber tells Jay he has no say in any of her decisions, yet she keeps pulling him back in. He’s stuck on an emotional rollercoaster, with Amber at the controls. Three lives hang in the balance. Will anyone emerge unscathed? https://amzn.to/3Ao51ek

My fourth book is a complete shift from the usual YA angst.

Be Still My Heart-2


A phone call from her sister-in-law on the other side of the country would shake Jean Baxter’s world to the core. Her younger brother collapsed at work with a heart attack—a big one; they didn’t know if he would make it. According to his doctors, it was a miracle he survived. His life-altering event ended up saving Jean’s life, too!

A retired nurse, Jean had worked on a medical floor of a hospital for thirty years. Now, becoming a patient herself put everything in a whole new perspective. The journey of her heart story—in the middle of a pandemic—will have you laughing, choked up, optimistic, and hopefully more mindful of your own health choices.

It’s a true story with too many twists not to tell!

JUST RELEASED! My third novel, a young adult contemporary fiction story titled “THAT FORGIVENESS THING“.  Available now on Amazon in ebook and paperback versions.


That forgiveness thing

        “He just needs the bleeding to stop. The call to 911 sets into motion events fifteen-year-old Ben Braddock never intends. His dad goes to jail. He and his little brother are sent to stay temporarily at the home of their aunt and uncle, with a cousin he can’t stand. Ben is also required to attend counseling sessions to help him eventually be reunited with his father. He comes close to revealing his darkest secrets that first night, now his lips are sealed. His new friends present troubling challenges in order to be accepted.

      One bright spot amid the chaos is meeting Allie, but when she asks Ben a question a little too personal, his aggressive response shatters her trust and her heart. It spins him into a downward spiral of drinking and worse—he’s becoming like his dad. His aunt is on the verge of giving up.

     With his options depleted, Ben seeks out Patti, his social worker, whose help he’s resisted for months. But is it too late for him and Allie? What about his dad? Every story has two sides.”

Unfathomable was released December 12th, 2018! Follow up on Michael’s journey, you won’t be disappointed!

Something treasured then lost can’t be replaced, but a resilient heart can heal allowing for new possibilities.


She’s the one! From the day Michael Jarrid runs Annie Brekke off the ski trail, her feisty rebuke sparks his interest. Despite coming from very different backgrounds, his blue-collar Wisconsin and hers Manhattan silver spoon, an unlikely romance ignites. Her playfulness perfectly complements his serious side.

Their wedding date is set. Mike’s hell-bent on completing his final year of college when a surprise pregnancy, then miscarriage brings it all to a screeching halt. The gleam temporarily vanishes from Annie’s eyes. They manage to stumble through the painful experience, yet a longing lingers under the surface. Determined to live out the life they’ve envisioned, they forge on.

Mike starts his job where an attractive, flirty, coworker has him in her sights. But the greatest test comes at what should be the most joyous time of their lives. What happens when a heart shatters? Pure grit, courage, and love are needed to survive the unfathomable.

Soul Mate Publishing.com

The trouble with trust is once it’s broken, it changes who you are and who you will become—forever.

If Michael Jarrid thinks the worst has happened when his parents don’t believe him over his pregnant ex-girlfriend’s lie, he is wrong. Feeling alone, he pours all of his heart and soul into a new relationship. What Lacey does to him is even worse … Now he doesn’t even trust himself. Is his life salvageable?

“The author’s colorful descriptions and all-too-common scenes of teen conflicts kept the story interesting for me. A good choice for young adult readers, or “grownups” who want to relive their memories of transitioning from teen to adult.” -Amazon Reader

“Jean Baxter has mastered story telling with this first novel. Salvageable weaves the tale of a young man at odds with his doubting parents as he begins his adult life. Mike is accused of fathering a former girlfriend’s child and, despite denying it, is chastised. He turns to the arms of another woman and, before the story ends, finds redemption. I’d rather not reveal too much of the plot, but Jean Baxter keeps the reader enthralled as the main character bumps head with authority on his road to salvaging his life.

“Salvageable is a good foray into the young adult genre for Jean Baxter, and I would think it falls into the category of a must read for young men. Well done!” Goodreads Reader

“I loved this book! The descriptive language and contemporary theme made it interesting, as each chapter of the story made me want to read the next chapter.” -READER