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Announcement: the sequel to Salvageable,–Unfathomable–will become a reality. It is due to be released December 2018!



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The trouble with trust is once it’s broken, it changes who you are and who you will become—forever.

If Michael Jarrid thinks the worst has happened when his parents don’t believe him over his pregnant ex-girlfriend’s lie, he is wrong. Feeling alone, he pours all of his heart and soul into a new relationship. What Lacey does to him is even worse … Now he doesn’t even trust himself. Is his life salvageable?


“The author’s colorful descriptions and all-too-common scenes of teen conflicts kept the story interesting for me. A good choice for young adult readers, or “grownups” who want to relive their memories of transitioning from teen to adult.” -Amazon Reader

“Jean Baxter has mastered story telling with this first novel. Salvageable weaves the tale of a young man at odds with his doubting parents as he begins his adult life. Mike is accused of fathering a former girlfriend’s child and, despite denying it, is chastised. He turns to the arms of another woman and, before the story ends, finds redemption. I’d rather not reveal too much of the plot, but Jean Baxter keeps the reader enthralled as the main character bumps head with authority on his road to salvaging his life.

“Salvageable is a good foray into the young adult genre for Jean Baxter, and I would think it falls into the category of a must read for young men. Well done!” Goodreads Reader

“I loved this book! The descriptive language and contemporary theme made it interesting, as each chapter of the story made me want to read the next chapter.” -READER


Salvageable is a page turner – I could hardly wait to see what mistakes Michael was going to make next – great dialogue between him and his best friend, his parents, brothers – and of course the women in his life – I couldn’t figure out how he was going to get out of the mess he was in in his first real relationship – when only 18 yrs old falling head over heels with an older woman with a very young son – and dealing (or not dealing) with his parents who tried unsuccessfully to get him to get out of that relationship and go to college – heartbreak all around – when I thought that there was no way that boy was going to get out of all those messes – author Jean Baxter ties everything together after more adventures and misadventures by Mike – lots of breathtaking suspense and surprises and I wasn’t ready for the book to end – I could see myself many years ago and living vicariously through Mike. Can’t wait for Baxter’s next novel.

Review from Al