Jean Baxter lives in northeastern Wisconsin and has no desire to “move where it’s warmer”. She loves the snow—shoveling, not so much.

As a single mom, she white-knuckled it through the adolescent years of her two kids. She found it to be a time fraught with angst and drama and credits those experiences for her love of writing for that age group. Throw in a thirty-year career as a nurse and her background is ripe with real life scenarios.
Along with her obsession for writing and reading, she adores her grandchildren (more fodder for her stories), her two cats (she is not the crazy cat lady—yet), gardening, walking, traveling, and a wonderful group of friends. She is a member of Green Bay Area Writer’s Guild and Wisconsin Writer’s Association.
Below: My marketing team. 🙂

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Rae wetzel says:

    I anxiously await the print version of your book. I work with your son and he told myself and some coworkers about it. I said we should have a little work place book club to discuss your novel. I am an avid reader and have dreams of being a writer and becoming a published author myself. I have two cats as well and my family teases me that if I’m not now, I will be a crazy cat lady in the not too distant future. – I hope to meet you at an upcoming book signing. I would enjoy chatting to another potential crazy cat lady who just so happens to be an author. That is so cool! Congratulations Jean!
    Rae Wetzel

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    • blujeanbaxter says:

      Thanks for the comments, Rae. I want to set up a book signing as soon as I know when the print book will be out. I will be sure to post it on my FB author’s page as well as my website. I look forward to meeting you. You should check out our writer’s group. Let me know if you are interested.


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