Feeling a Little Guilty

I really wish I were a more consistent blogger, but I’m not. However, today at my second ever book signing, I had an interesting occurrence.

It was held at a local bookstore, Reader’s Loft. I just love that place! Ambience is very calming. There’s places to relax and read, Christmas music playing, antiques, and it’s just very warm and welcoming. Two of the most laid-back cats hang out amongst the stacks of books and come around for a pat or two.

Being close to Christmas, there was a fairly steady in and out of customers. I was surprised at how many men came in to buy books—is that a sexist comment?

Anyway, a very nice woman was standing with my book in her hands as I walked in to set up, which I took as a good sign. I really didn’t think I would sell more than one or two books. We conversed for a while. She teaches some writer’s workshops and was buying the book for one of her “students” who is writing in the same genre as me to inspire her. I thought that was so lovely.

Next was another woman who is majoring in creative writing at the university. She was a little older than your typical college student and I think it gave her some reassurance to know this was my first book and I am way old…

I noticed a group of nuns wandering around the store for quite a while, they were carrying a lot of books. The younger one came over by me and picked up my book. We chatted a little, she turned down my offer of one of my homemade Christmas cookies, but she wanted my book. I’m thinking, OMG, this book has some rough language. The main character even drops the “F-bomb” a time or two, to say nothing of the couple of slightly steamy love scenes. I felt like I ought to warn her, but she read the blurb on the back as she stood there, so she had a sense of what was inside. I feel sort of guilty… 😉