Oops, It Happened Again.

I have never claimed to be a tech savvy person. A few months back, I had my grandkids help me set up a web page, a Facebook author’s page and a Twitter account. Boy, I was flying high. And they did it with such ease it made my head spin.
We didn’t quite have it all inter-connected, so on my own, I tried to finish what they had started. All I wanted to do was connect my Facebook page to the website with a link. Working from the website, I thought I had it figured out.
A few clicks later, I discovered I had totally disabled my personal Facebook page. I could see it, but all of my “friends” were like half-bright and could not be accessed. I had lost all the messages on my wall, and all of my home page pictures, etc. All that I could access was my author’s page. I sent out a message to everybody that I may need to re-friend them and called my son in a panic.
He came over and fixed it. I hadn’t lost anything, just had changed my settings in a way that blocked my page. A short time later, my Facebook was back to normal and I sent out another post telling everyone I hadn’t lost them after all.
You would think I learned my lesson, wouldn’t you?
Well, last night I was trying to get my computer to run faster. I thought if I deleted the cookies saved on this computer, it would speed it up. I haven’t done that since I got it. Took me forever to figure out how to do it. Then I ignored the warning that it could disrupt some of the things I had saved and I clicked the button to erase them.
I immediately went to see if I could still get to my favorite places. Yahoo worked, Facebook worked, so did AOL. But, when I went to G-mail, which is the account I use for my “professional” stuff, all I could get was the separate account I set up to go with my web page. All of the conversations with my publisher, and editor, along with all the links they had sent me were gone! Oh no, this was way worse than losing my Facebook page! This was the only way I had of communicating with my publisher about my book—which I expect to hear more about any day. I wanted to cry.
The first thing I did was send an email to myself from AOL to Gmail. It went through, but I couldn’t find it. I did several things, restarted the computer, fooled with the Gmail settings, tried to Google that email address…nothing worked. I figured I was going to have to tap into my son’s tech abilities once more.
But I am not a quitter. I poked around about another hour trying to solve it myself and guess what? I found my account! Oh my gosh. This is all so frustrating to me. And today, as I am telling my son my tale of woe, he says, “I don’t think deleting cookies would do anything to speed up your computer.”
Hey, don’t judge me…lol.