Put Down Your Phone!

I’ve found myself spending way too much time scrolling through the short reels on Facebook. It’s funny what catches my eye. For some reason shaving down the hooves of horses is fascinating to me, or blurbs of babies, humans or animals. I like seeing out of control hair styled into something manageable. I like some of the artsy videos as well as cooking, though I am neither artsy nor a cook.

The more I watch, the more reels are presented for my viewing. FB loves to keep me scrolling on and on. I have immersed myself in trying to solve some of the puzzles that are presented or attempting tricks clever people come up with. I hate when my kids or grandkids come over and pull out their phones, yet more and more me and my friends do the same thing. 

I actually feel sorry for the youth of today. I think they are missing out on living their lives because they are too wrapped up in their phones, and they seem oblivious to it. At least I can put my phone down, for hours on end. I also can very easily leave it home—that is usually not intentional, lol. 

Just my rambling for today.