Walk the Walk

Okay, so here’s the question: What is keeping you from getting outside and going for a walk? We all have a million excuses, I’m too tired, it’s cold out, I don’t have time. Really? It takes me ten minutes to walk around the block, that’s it, but usually, I walk a lot more than that. 

If going around the block seems like too much of a challenge, only go to the corner and come back, or walk past three houses and turn around. Gradually increase it to more until you can conquer the entire block.

But it’s starting to rain! Take your umbrella. How long have you kept it unused in your closet? It still works, and it’s kind of peaceful to walk when it’s raining. Storming is another matter, stay inside!

Well, I live where it snows and it can be icy. It’s dangerous. I hear you. Take your walk to the mall or the “Y”. Or, if you’re a hardy soul, dress warmly and get a pair of those gripper thingys or cleats to put on your shoes or boots. They really do work well and a walk outside in the cold can be invigorating if you’re dressed properly. Do be careful.

There are so many benefits to walking! It’s good for your heart, mind, and soul. It can help lower your blood sugar and help you lose those few extra pounds. Losing extra weight can help lower your blood pressure. It’s a win/win any way you look at it. If you are feeling down, get out and walk. See what other people are doing, admire the yards and the flowers, enjoy the seasonal decorations. Maybe this is the time you’ll want to get in touch with yourself or pray. You will come back home with a better attitude, and maybe you’ll have an extra burst of energy to tackle the next project on your to-do list. Give it a try, you can do it! 

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